Is Japan getting to be Right Wing?

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OK! Ignore the above picture! I made it yesterday!

Recently I saw the cover of TIMES.
times 2012 dec

There is no rule that geeks must not talk about politics.
So I'm gonna talk about it!

Is Japan turning to Right Wing?
I think we are being confused about now's situation.
We have had territorial issues with China, Korea, Russia.(It's no news, of course)
As you know, Japan and China are heating up again.
It's no surprising. Both politicians have tried to ignore this issue
because it was the best way for their career.
So it was a matter of time that we collided again.
(It's no big issue which country triggered it.)

We tend to keep our SYSTEM until we collapse. (Don't repair if it works.)

We had election today.
Every parties were saying "we can make a wonderful country for you!!!".
OK. But how? I didn't hear any long-term view and method from them.
I think the reason must be that main voters are aged people.
All Parties inflame public anxiety,
and tell short-term tactics and good-for-aged-people politics.
This phenomenon must make other countries feel Japan moves Right.

Young people can't have a dream. No politicians give them realistic hope.
So they don't trust The Government. They save money. They can't make a family.
Young people decrease more and more.
Perhaps there'll be a politician who can persuade aged people and can give young people hope.
Otherwise, we are over!!
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Someone's work.


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