Joshiraku. A Japanese South Park?


At first, I thought this anime is about cute girls who play Rakugo(traditional comic storytelling). But it has some black humors.

Dalai Lama.
"Return our land!"(toward a north country)
"Return our people!"(toward a northwest country)
"Return our techniques!" "Return our submarine resources!"
(toward a northwest huge country)
"Return our money!"(toward our authority)

Please don't get it wrong. Most of their talks are fun and no political.
I got why they use such humors when I knew the writer is Kumeta Kouji(the author of "Sayonara Zetubou Sensei").
He often use black humors in his works.
Personaly I think it's ok that there are one or two anime like this.
Some people think it has bad influences to young people BUT I think all works have the risk. To move people's hearts isn't so different from to brainwash.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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