Fate Zero ep.23

(Sometimes Lawson shows us wierd commercials)

I watched ep.23 yesterday.
OK. It was so exciting.(To me, Rider is the most interesting character)
I found one word which Gilgamesh said and is very hard to translate to English.
I guess it'll be lost in translation so I'm gonna explain it now.

The word is "Sonata". No. Not music.
The direct translation is "you".
Probbaly some knows what I'm talking about.
Japanese you has various forms.
kimi, anata, anta, omae, kisama. There are many old words like onushi(Holo uses this word), kikou, kiden.
Sonata is one of the old words and this word has some respect.
Gilgsmesh called Rider at ONE scene and it shows he admited that Rider is a king who is worth being respceted.
To the insolent king, this word must be the biggest respect.

These difference of Japanese "You" (and "I") may be annoying to Japanese learners, but "is am are" in English are strange to Japanese too!
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Someone's work.


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