Kill Me Baby!! the anime.

キルミーベイベー (1) (まんがタイムKRコミックス)

An another weird manga turned to anime.
I bought a copy of the manga after watching it.
Simply put, it's a slice of life of Yasuna and her classmate Sonya.
They are school girls(Manga doesn't tell you if it's elementary or junior high or high school but Yasuna in anime said "I'm MAYBE a high school girl". Maybe???)
But the unique point is that Sonya is a killer.
It sounds like "Gunslinger Girl" but this is completely a comedy.

To me, it's 50% cute and 50% boring. Sounds bad? But I'm a fan of battle manga like HunterXHunter.

However, this is not too boring to follow. Like Nichijou, this work has some weirdness I like.

By the way, I'm relieved that Anime version shows us normal guns.
Anime of "Hitman Reborn" was censored in some points and Reborn has a green painted pistol. And anime version never use the term "koroshiya"(Hitman in Japanese. But the funny point is that they say HITMAN).
Kill Me Baby correctly used the term and guns like manga. I know this is because Kill Me Baby broadcast at midnight but Why the hell do we have to censor guns in anime? This is Japan. Or do kids in these days buy them by Yakuza or Amazon.com? I either don't like to praise criminals but censoring fictions is less effective than anything else.
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