Ugly protagonists in anime or manga.

Generally there are many feminine males in protagonists.
So I picked up three exceptions from what I remember.

1. Cobra
He was once handsome but he changed his face because his life has been put a huge prize.) Officially now's face is "drooping eyes and snub nose" but is it just me or the face has still good enough? Anyway, you'll love this manly supercool character if you are bored with these day's feminine boys.
Cobra 2009 Anime Tv Series Complete

2. Sunabouzu(desert punk).
A greedy, dirty, lustful, annoying man. He has everything protagonists shouldn't have. But he never make us think he is just an asshole. A man who has looked at all vices humans do.
Desert Punk: Box Set (Viridian Collection)

3. Shinjou Naoe.(from Koukoku No Shugosha)
I guess few people know this manga. The original work is a novel.
But some of you know "Highschool of the Dead", right?
That scenario writer is the same as this work.
Shinjou is similar to Desert Punk but this guy has self-abhorrence and self-love at the same time. He is a coward usually. He fears to be killed so he doesn't like fighting......but he became a soldier. The reason? He loves war and is good at to kill people!


He smiles like this when he watches that enemies are killed by his artillery.
He is a good guy usually and doesn't hurts anyone. He knows what vice means but enjoys it so much when he has to do it.

Ths is the face you have fear and fun at the same time!
I think this protagonist is a good example of what human beings are.

皇国の守護者 1 (ヤングジャンプ・コミックス・ウルトラ)
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