Do you like happy ending? But what does it truely mean?


A few years ago, I heard an opinion that a protagonist's death doesn't mean bad ending because everybody dies someday. If a protagonist will die after 3 days from ending, it may mean bad end. Then, what about 3 years? or 10 years?

I've read a manga that a protagonist is trying to rescue a jailed boy(Nothing to do with Persona3). He dies around the last but the jailed boy was rescued by people because a revolution occured in his country(This revolution has nothing to do with the protagonist's act!).
Is this a happy ending? Protagonist couldn't rescue him but he was rescued. Moreover, this boy didn't know the protagonist's existence nor death at all.

This manga has epilogue.
The boy was killed by a disease after some years from the revolution.
So he died no matter if the protagonist could rescue him or not.

I guess many people must think this story sucks.
But this manga made me think about what happy ending really means.
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Someone's work.


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