Bed scenes in manga.

A weird topic? You know this is a weird blog!

If Manga has a romance, we can't avoid the goal of love.
Actually seinen manga sometimes draw bed scenes themselves.

Mirai Nikki.

Ai yori aoshi.

But it's not allowed to shonen manga. Children also read them so they must not draw IT. I introduce two clever ways to avoid this problem to you.

1. Draw it by drawing nothing.
Ichigo 100% expressed it as "to draw nothing". We can guess IT happened but parents can't sue Shonen Jump because they didn't draw anthing!

2. Draw it on other manga.
"Baki the grappler" is a martial arts manga published in Shonen Champion(Some says this is a comedy manga, though). Author drawed the hero's "first time" by making one another book (tankobon)! What a man!

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