Mr. Kojima cares Japanese video games.

I read an article in Famitsu(You don't know Famitsu? Let's google it!)
Mr. Kojima answered some questions and he seems to care Japanese video game industry's future in other countries.

Points are here.

Japanese method to develop video games are too different from western countries.
But young people don't go abroad to study. Many people grow without knowing foreign cultures.
Video game industry is a world that you can fight with what you like BUT young people don't even know how to fight abroad.

I don't think young people have less interest to western cultures but they certainly don't know western cultures. I guess it's because we have too many things to be interested (or to learn). TV, books, internet. We can learn anything with them but we don't know what we should learn.

Oh, I'm talking about a serious issue. But there is no law that geeks must not be serious, right?
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Someone's work.


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