Shogi cake.



Yeah. I made that by myself. lol
But I'm sure I'll stab him/her if someone do it to me like Mio's sister.
"Cakes without strawberry are not anything but bread!!"

By the way, this week's Nichijou told us one issue in Japan.
Did you noticed Mio likes cakes but isn't interested in daifuku so much?
Other young people too.


Most young Japanese prefer western sweets to Japanese traditional sweets (wagashi). It's not only sweets. Our meals are getting westernized. I'm not complaining about it. People can eat what they like. But I'm caring that good wagashi makers may disappear.

Some trivia.

Q, What did Mio say when she found the shogi cake?
A, She said "Habu". A famous shogi player.
Eh? Why she shout his name? Who knows!

Q, What did daifuku seller guy say when he did the scary dance?
A, "Tokachi azuki. Wasanbon". Tokachi azuki is a brand of azuki bean. Wasanbon is a brand of sugar. Both is ingredient of daifuku.

Q, What does his "I don't run away to strawberry" mean?
A, There is a stuff called "Strawberry daifuku". Purists don't like such a thing.(but I love it!)

There are also melon daifuku, peach daifuku, orange daifuku etc etc.

A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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