Yes, sir!


I agree, sir!

By the way, Nichijou Ep 8 is very hard to translate because Yukko said many puns.
I tried to explain them....

"Tenki ii"(It's fine) "Tenkey"(numeric keypad)
"Mousho"(intense heat) "Datsumoushou"(alopecia, loss of hair)
"Mukade ga mukattekuru"(Centipede is coming)
"Chiri no yoshuu wa bacchiri"(Prepare of geography lesson is perfect)
"Boukuugou de boku go"(I go at air-raid shelter? I couldn't hear this line well)
"Tani ga yorokonda. Yattani"(The valley is pleased. Well done)
"Watashi mascara shitemasu kara"(Because I've applied mascara.)

It's no funny, isn't it? I agree too.
Some people insist all lines should be translated well but it's impossible sometimes and it's no worth to do.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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