Spin-off of Vampire Hunter D series.

吸血鬼ハンター/アナザー 貴族グレイランサー (朝日ノベルズ)

"Another Vampire Hunter/Aristocrat Gray Lancer"

If you are a fan of Vampire Hunter D series, this is a very interesting news. Gray Lancer is a vampire appeared in Vol.22(It's not reliesed in America yet) and this is Kikuchi Hideyuki's first spin off. D doesn't appear in this novel and the main character is played by a vampire called Aristocrat of The Aristocrats.

In nobility era 7000, nobles who dominates the earth were fighting against strong enemies the outer space being(OSB). This war is called 3000 Years War. Gray Lancer the administrator of north frontier is also eliminating OSB who sneaked into his territory. One day, he was wounded in a fight and was rescued by a human woman. On the other hand, a horrible conspiracy was progressing in nobility's Supreme Diet.

Sounds cool, right!?

This novel must be translated to English officially. You can look foward to this great novel.
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Someone's work.


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