If K-on's setting were the USA?

K-ON!, Vol. 1

It's announced that K-on will start as a new series.
This news reminds me of a funny Japanese thread "What's happen if K-on's setting were the USA?"
I translated them.

Mugi's cakes got awfully colorful.

The music turned to punk rock.

Yui shouts "I'm gonna introduce my crazy members to you!!"

They use drugs after school.

Fat Azu-nyan.

Mio turned to an african american.

Yui is hispanic. Mio is an asian transfer student. Mugi is white. Ritsu is black. Azusa is canadian.

I guess minority races are fully two. Others are all white.

Sawako sensei is a fat african american. She is called Big Mama.

^Sister Act?

Yui "Oh S***!! My finger got cut!!"

Ritsu "Don't call me Forehead or I'm gonna put Yui's head into your anal."

Their club is opposed to cheer leading club.

Mugi wears a weird Kanji shirt.

Mugi is a serious lesbian.

The wall in their club room is filled with graffiti.

Mugi's eyebrows are salami.

Lyrics always have F bomb.

"HAHAHAHAHA" voice is heard from somewhere(like situation comedy).

"Ohhhh...." voice too.

Houkago Tea Party.

Houkago BBQ.

They try baby-sitting as a part time job.

By the way, do you know author's autograph have two kinds?

First autograph.

Last autograph.

(s)he is also hoping to become an international mangaka?
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Someone's work.


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