When chinese animations become popular.

I translated such talks among Japanese people to English.
I don't know if any Chinese are reading this HP or not, though, I hope you enjoy it to know how Japanese people think of chinese animations.

I had watched "Nazha Conquers the Dragon King" when I was young. It's not bad but is an animated classic. Original works are needed. They can't create their own works as long as their authority censors them.

Nazha? Oh, I know that character appeared in "Houshin Engi" too but his name was Nataku. I guess the correct pronunciation in chinese is "Nata".

5 (Houshin Engi) (in Japanese)

I loved Nazha when I was a child.

What's the rolling stuff Nazha has?

It's a Baobei. A magical item which appears in chinese myth.

Change classics to awesome story and beautify characters. These two things are enough to create good works. I want such animations so please create it!

Unlike Korea, China has many classics. But I guess many plagiarisms don't allow creaters to have a profit.

They only need Free Speech.

They had great painting in black and white. I remember I watched a good old chinese film like that. Why didn't they keep using it?

There are many people in China. It means there are many people who have talents. Why don't they use these people?

Yeah. Chinese ink animations were great. It turned to a lost technology now.

I guess they don't utilize people because they have other resources. Japan doesn't have any resources besides humans.

I don't understand why creaters are annoyed by censorships. They just have to change characters to animals or change the history to fantasies. Creaters in USSR did it.

I guess Japanese people who hate damned Moe anime is expecting chinese creaters.

Please animate Kinpeibai till the day my sexual desire is gone!!

Give Chow Sing-Chi a big money and let him create something.

I look forword to the future of foreign anime fans no matter which country they are in. I don't know other animation besides Disney and Pixer so I want to watch works from other country.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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