Japanese cockroaches can fly.

I found such a comment.
I don't know what made him or her think so, but I can say this is a misunderstand. At first, there are mainly three types of the cockroach in Japan.

Black cockroach.
Brown wing cockroach.
Yamato cockroach.
(I don't know scientific terms)

Female Yamato cockroach CAN NOT fly. Her wing is too short to fly. But males and other species CAN fly.
And the most important thing is that Black cockroach and Brown wing cockroach are non-native species! They came from foreign country.

Moreover, Yamato cockroaches like living in forests, so most cockroaches you see in cities are other two species. "Japanese cockroaches" are hard to be seen. These facts are why I say "Japanese cockroach can fly" is wrong.

You are lucky if you see Japanese one! Oh, don't you think so?

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, - Grim Reality (Vol. 1)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, - Grim Reality (Vol. 1)
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