Xenosaga Episode 2. A difference between JPN and US.

This article includes a spoiler.

Probably some of you know that some scenes of Xenosaga was censored.
But I found a funny and very small censor. It's just one word.

Albedo: At least, I won't have to fear losing anyone anymore.

Jr.: Albedo?

Albedo: What's with that face?

Albedo: You look like you just lost your best friend, Rubedo.

Jr.: You bastard!

I noticed that one word was changed in US version.
In Japanese version, Albedo said "You look like you just lost your LOVER, Rubedo."

.......You look like you just worried about homosexual !

Xenosaga III Kos Mos Swimsuit Version Statue
Xenosaga III Kos Mos Swimsuit Version Statue
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