How to see through trap/reverse trap characters.

1. Check their weight.
Women characters are light. Men are heavy because of muscle. Oh, I have to say anime characters' weight is unnaturally light sometimes. But there are averages in each works.

2. Check their name.
This is hard to remember but there are some unisex names. For example, Ryo, Kaoru, Kei, Makoto, Michiru, Shinobu, Yuki, Yuuki, Mizuki, Haruhi, Rei, Ren, Hiromi, Rui, Shin.

3. Check their eyebrows.
Generally character designers make women's eyebrows thin and men's eyebrows thick. Some trap/reverse trap characters tend to hide their eyebrows by their hair or a hat.

4. Has (s)he ever been introduced as he or she "officially"?
This trick is used in mystery novels too.(At least gender trick is famous in my country's novels. How about your country?) All characters can tell a lie but third person is not allowed to lie. This is a rule in the literature.

By the way, a video game "Idol M@ster" revealed that a new character is a boy but not a girl.

This news shocked some gamers. And Kentaro Miura (the author of Berserk) is a fan of this game. Was Miura sensei shocked too? Keep your chin up!!
And please finish your work before you die!
Berserk - Season One (The Complete Collection)
Berserk - Season One (The Complete Collection)
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