This week's Shone Jump has House M.D. on the back cover.

The front cover. Do you know this gourmet manga "Toriko"?
The back cover.
I'm a fan of this series!
I'm interested in that if Jump readers are interested in this series or not because Jump's main readers are school boys and girls(Shonen!). This picture is advertising that you can rent Season 2 from 3 July. Yeah. I said Season 2. We can only watch Season 1 now. When can I watch Season 5? (sigh)
House, M.D. - Season Five
By the way, the advertisement of the back cover of Shonen Jump is generally Video Games, soft drinks, snacks.
jump 003
Oh, the watch too.
jump 001
And a song by Aya Ueto! I don't expect you know her. This advertisement is clever because this is the ED song of Hitman Reborn.
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