About Persona 4, do Japanese understand English songs? No. Do Japanese enjoy those? Yes.

I found this thread. They wonder if Japanese really like these English songs in the game or not, so I'll tell you my opinion.

First off, do you mind lyrics so much when you listen to music? Most lyrics are ridiculous if we read them as writing. Moreover, we don't need the perfect pitch to enjoy music, right? It's the same.

I think that "enjoy" means "pleasure of feeling" and "pleasure of knowing(or understanding)". The latter may be scientific pleasure. Do people listen to music or play video games for scientific purpose? No!(except the professionals)

However, it's true that we lose some fun which English speakers get. Most Japanese don't understand the lyrics of "pursuing true myself" and "reach out to the truth". This is a great loss!! That's why I'm studing English.

This is the same to Foreign gamers too. If you know Japanese, you will enjoy the last song "Never More"much more (Laughs).

After all, we have to study if we want to enjoy things much more. I hope this blog helps you to enjoy Japanese culture!
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