One curious thing in Persona 4. Her breast is big or small?

Attention! This is a big spoiler!

Get back now if you've not ever beaten Persona 4!

Are you okay?




OK. This is a talk about Naoto. Her body measurements surprised Rise. But does it mean her breast is so big? Or so small? There are two possibilities. Even in official guide books, creaters didn't answer it clearly but said "Her breast may be surprisingly big or may be surprisingly small".
I think this picture helps it.
Yes! It's not surprisingly small! We can eliminate one. So another one must be right. But this picture makes a new quesion. How is she hiding them everyday? Ummm....it may be revealed if "Persona 4 FES" is released.

By the way!! Speaking of breast, do you know "Spice And Wolf"?
There are novel version(original), anime version, and manga version.
Each works have peculiar designs.
Novel version
Anime version
Manga version
horo manga
As for the size, Anime <<Novel<<Manga?
From what the original writer wrote, she seems to be FLAT.
However, I think there should be various expressions.
I feel manga version is too sexy. Probably the reason is that this artist draws adult manga and Dojinshi too.

Generally adult manga artists are very good at drawing human bodies. Eh? You don't like Hentai? You don't have to love it. But I think it's foolish to think that adult works (or workers) are inferior to normal one.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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