Is Bakuman realistic? Yes. and No.

Bakuman., Vol. 1

I love this manga.
But I tell you that you shouldn't try to mimic Saiko the main character.

This manga shows us some information about Shueisha's system and troubles which mangaka will suffer. I can say these parts are not fake.

But there are two big differences between you and Saiko.

1. He doesn't love manga.
He love a girl! That's why he never complain about changing his manga. Are you willing to stop what you want to draw? You have to do it unless you are Niizuma Eiji.

2. He has a talent.
He suffers many troubles? Yes. But it never mean he lacks talents. He DOES have a talent to draw pictures. This manga shows us how difficult to be a great mangaka even if you have a great talent. In most cases, we don't even have a talent(shock?). You'll need a greatest effort. I don't even promise you will succeed after that. Saiko's uncle is a perfect example.




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Haha, yeah, It's sad but it's true...i-229
i wonder, how many persons wants to become mangaka after reading this. but, at least this manga gave us inspiration that we must try hard and work hard to make our dreams come true...

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Thanks for your comment!
We need some effort, talent, and luck to succeed after all.(sigh)
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Someone's work.


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