Nintendo forgot what they learned.

I heard Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s version 1.1 removes Inkling Girl’s offensive (an arm-clench) gesture.
Staff in Mario Kart 8 seemed not to know what Nintendo learned 21 years ago.
They changed the same gesture in western Super Mario RPG !

Good old days..... I was a kid and Square-Enix was just Square and Enix.
Mario Kart didn't have network play but we had real PvP after playing this.....

Why famous light novels tend to have many volumes.

I think famous western young adult novels have three or four volumes.
But Japanese light novels often have 10 or 20 volumes if they sell well.
Of course, my question is the same as why Prison Break and 24 have many seasons. Economy!

My true question is that why famous western YA novelists don't have to write many sequels.
First, English users are 1.7 billion if I remember correctly. Japanese population is 127 million.
It's more difficult to sell 2 million copies in Japan.
Second, economic ripple effect is completely different.
Famous English novels often publish in other countries too. In Japan, they use advertisement like "Best seller in America !", but the opposite is very rare unless the name is Yugioh or Pokemon.
Third, western authors tend to advertise their names besides their books.(To me, it's very interesting to see books with the author's name larger than the title.)
Japanese authors are not willing to show their face and information.
I don't mean they don't have any name value but this difference is big.
Fourth, western authors and publishers have a more equal relationship.
LN authors tend to feel giri (obligation or appreciation) to publishers and take many requests.

My opinion must have some generalization, but I feel this way.

We must admit Cross Ange is fun.

cross ange

Yes. This anime is ridiculous. Sexy scenes are cheap. Animation is not good.
But we must admit this story is more fun than many recent anime.
A Chinese anime fun said recent anime works are just like fast food.
I agree. But this anime is at least funny.

By the way, What I like about this anime is that they use "yes, ma'am" correctly.
I saw that some manga use "yes, sir" to women.
Most Japanese know this English phrase but some don't know they don't use it to women.
I hope they learn this by watching Cross Ange!

My impression about The Wind Rises.


We can't stop wars. That's all.

OK. Why did I think so?
This protagonist couldn't stop building planes.
He couldn't stop loving an woman.
He couldn't stop smoking.
He was no evil. Most people were no evil.
But they are the origin of wars.

He tried to go out to smoke because his wife was sick(and dying) in a scene.
But she asked him to smoke next to her and he accepted it. Why?
They knew she would die even if he stopped smoking.

He tried to give foods to poor kids but he didn't do it again(as far as I watched).
He knew he couldn't save all kids in the country.
He knew the war would happen even if he stopped building planes.

Some must think he should have done something better.
People in the future must think the same thing about us.

My favorite quote(from Yuyu Hakusho)


"Everyone has something that matters to them that they can protect or destroy. Kids have pets or toys; an adult has a child. Your something, Yusuke, just happens to be a whole lot bigger. With your new powers, you control all our fates. So, what’s next? That’s the question hidden beneath all your other feelings. Will you become the person who protects or destroys?"

I like this line.
BUT I felt something weird when I heard this (English) line first.
I checked Japanese line and got that English line is a little different from original one.

Original line is this.
"People have something that they can destroy according to their mood.
Toys, pets, a lover, a family, or a country.
And what you have is bigger than anyone else's. Simple as that.
Came here when something makes you want to destroy all. I'll give my life first."

I think English one is also good.
And I like this line too.

"You call me justice. But I have no will like that.
Guys I hate happen to be villains. That's it."

The author has a unique idea about good and evil.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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